Psychological Assessments For Children & Teens in Apex

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Peak City Psychology offers a wide variety of psychological assessments for children in Apex, NC and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make sure that we are able to understand the needs of your child and accurately assess and diagnose their condition. Once we know more about the needs of your child, we also offer a wide range of children’s therapy and treatments as well.

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Children’s Psychological Testing & Assessments 

Anxiety Disorders | Peak City Psychology

Anxiety Disorders

We offer effective treatments for children presenting with anxiety and depression including specific phobias, worry, OCD, separation anxiety, school refusal and bipolar disorder.   Typically, our doctors utilize a cognitive behavioral approach and include parents in the treatment process.

 Mood Disorders | Peak City Psychology

Mood Disorders

Treatments are available for the following issues that may present in early childhood depression and other mood disorders: sleep difficulties, food refusal, elimination disorder, and parent-child relationship problems.

Externalizing Disorders | Peak City Psychology

Externalizing Disorders

Social Skills Training | Peak City Psychology

Social Skills Training

Some children and adolescents may require treatment to help facilitate the development of age-appropriate social skills. Goals for treatment may include enhancing self-advocacy skills, conflict resolution skills, and additional skills necessary for making and maintaining friendships. Treatment may be informed by CBT principles and strategies, social thinking curriculum, and/or the use of social stories and bibliotherapy.

Early Childhood Problems | Peak City Psychology

Early Childhood Problems

Autism/Aspergers | Peak City Psychology


Children and adolescents with Autism/Aspergers often require a structured approach to therapy. Goals for treatment may include enhancing understanding of unspoken social rules, perspective-taking skills, social communication, friendship skills, and flexible thinking. Treatment may be informed by CBT principles and strategies, social thinking curriculum, and/or the use of social stories and bibliotherapy.

Adjustment Problems | Peak City Psychology

Adjustment Problems

Adjustment problems are common responses to a specific stress or stressors in your child’s environment. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, or physical complaints are some indicators of experiencing an adjustment disorder. Children and adolescents may experience these symptoms in response to a variety of stressors they typically face in their social, academic, and familial environments. Treatment includes evidence-based psychotherapy aimed at improving coping skills.

Academic Coaching | Peak City Psychology

Academic Coaching

The goal of academic coaching is to help your child improve their skills and performance in school. Academic coaching often targets skill building with time management, procrastination, test preparation, organization and planning, self-advocacy, note taking, and reading strategies. As a team, you, your child, and your therapist will work together to identify your child’s current barriers to success and develop a plan to address these concerns.

Parent Training in Apex NC

Parent Training

Our office provides parent training services for the families of children typically diagnosed with externalizing behaviors.  Treatment modalities include parent-child interaction therapy, as well as behavior management strategies for defiant children.    Parent training also is widely known to effectively manage ADHD symptoms in the home environment.

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