Psychological Treatments For Adults in Apex

Peak City Psychology offers a wide variety of psychological assessments for adults in Apex, NC and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make sure that we are able to understand your needs and accurately assess and diagnose the condition. Once we know more about your needs, we also offer a wide range of therapy and treatments.

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Adult Psychological Treatments

 Depression Therapy | Peak City Psychology

Depression Therapy

Anxiety Therapy | Peak City Psychology

Anxiety Therapy

Individual counseling | Peak City Psychology

Individual counseling

Adults may seek individual counseling for a range of reasons including adjustment difficulties, symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, parenting stress, relationship struggles, and more. Individual counseling is one on one psychotherapy focused on treating the difficulties you are experiencing.

Postpartum Depression | Peak City Psychology

Postpartum Depression

Marriage & Relationship | Peak City Psychology

Marriage & Relationship

Couples may experience difficulty in their relationship due to unresolved conflict, lack of a romantic connection, a betrayal, and/or parenting. Sometimes couples are also trying to determine whether they wish to move forward in their relationship and get married or divorced. Marriage and relationship counseling, or couples counseling, is aimed addressing these concerns.

Parenting Stress | Peak City Psychology

Parenting Stress

Our doctors realize how difficult a job parenting can be for a special needs child.  We offer support and treatment to parents who are having difficulty coping with the challenges associated with parenting a child with diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, LD, or chronic medical illnesses.

Stress Management | Peak City Psychology

Stress Management

Grief Counseling | Peak City Psychology

Grief Counseling

Supportive treatments are available to help adults who have lost a loved one.  Our doctors provide effective treatments to address acute stress, complicated grief, and anxiety and depressive symptoms that sometimes follow a loss.

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